Monthly Archives: January 2016

Apply to US colleges as an international students (part 1)

The application process is my no means finished, but the main work is done and now I’m free like a bird.

One week before my last deadline, I already planned everything I’m going to do after I finish my application, simply because I just can’t wait to move on. Applying is a long, stressful process to many students. It’s complicated and competitive, and much more so to international students who need financial aid. And guess what? You have to show off yourself in the best way possible in your application. If you are a very private person like me, congratulations! Now brace yourself for the challenge.

It all begins with the personal statement. I spent two years preparing for it. Three months of writing, and 21 months of trying new, sometimes really stupid things, thinking and writing and reading, just to find out as much as possible about who I really am.

So that’s why I have to thank Common Application for this. I am required to write an essay about myself, and to me it’s the most important part of my application. Of course there are many other parts that play an equally large, or larger role in colleges’ decisions, but the personal statement, along with extracurricular activities, is the only thing that I can almost fully control. I can’t control the standardized tests (and yes, my SAT test did go wrong). Every school regard GPA as important, but little do they know that scoring in Vietnamese is usually a mystery.

Also, I want to be a good writer, someone who master the way she convey her ideas and use writing as her weapon, and believe good writing requires serious research and serious thinking. I prepared for two years for just an essay, but it’s something that affect my future a great deal. A good essay might get me into the college of my dream. And even if it doesn’t, I already somehow understand myself, so now I am much more confident and happy than ever before. It’s definitely worth it.