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Enjoyed a menstruation day, surprisingly

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t open my eyes this morning. My period had made me so uneasy last night and kept me awake until 2:30. I crawled out of bed and walked around the room, still half asleep, to look for some food. Nothing left from last night, and then I discovered that I also ran out of vegetables. There were about 15 eggs left. If only I could make a spell so two eggs would turn into two cucumbers right away. Sometimes I spend hours dreaming of a world where things like this would happen everyday. Maybe that world does exist, and that’s why many people, including me and J.K Rowling, have similar versions of it.

Anyway, I actually considered staying at home all day, but then I changed my mind. I’m all the way supportive of self-love. But the truth is that you just can’t have too many self-loves in a short period of time. My period lasts for 5-6 days every month and I feel uncomfortable on every single one of them. If I just stay at home and stick my eyeballs into my laptop, I would become a lazy useless deplorable starving person, the exact kind of person that I condemn.

So, on days like this, when my stomach didn’t hurt like hell fire, I decided to get my ass up and go to my academic writing class, then go to work. How good life is to me – on a day when my hormones prevent me from having any ideas about anything, my task in class was to write a summary (even though I still don’t understand why our teacher made us write rhetorical analysis before teaching us how to write a summary – we USE summary in rhetorical analysis for Buddha’s sake!)

Of course my students, who are really pretty and who care a great deal about how they look like, noticed that their teacher didn’t give a damn about her physical appearance today, entering her class with brown lips, moms’ jeans and eye bags. One commented on it, but I had no more energy to care. Despite the undeniable urge to lie down anywhere, I managed to introduce them a new skill today. Didn’t screw up the rest, thankfully.

Unsurprisingly, I also struggled to stand up from my seat, get out of the air-conditioned room and ride my bike back home. But I got energized after the ride, and happy too, maybe because of the belief that I looked pretty cool riding a green bike on the street while the wind was blowing and there were so few people. Yep! The key is that the street must have few people. Whenever there are traffic jam, I feel exhausted, ugly and barbaric.

But what’s more important is that I felt happy at last. I decided to continue the happiness by shopping for dried sea weeds and make myself some gimbabs.




The King of Cats – part 1

Since the day I was able to walk with my mother along the lakeside, and sneak among the twisted twins and twigs of the trees nearby, I have always wished to be the king of cats, to have anything whenever I want it. I feel a sensation all over my body whenever I imagine that other cats have to hail me as king, and follow my every order.

Little did I know about the misfortune that would happen to me. One day, I woke up without my mother by my side. I yelled until my throat burned but she never came back. I searched for her everywhere but in vain. At that moment, I swore to myself that I would do anything to be the king of cats, so that I could force my army to find my mother and punish her for what she had done to me.

How I survived until this day is a matter of mystery. I could write my story into an epic poem, but I would not, because my energy has to be saved for planning – planning is something not to live without if someone really wants to achieve something big, like I do.

For a week after my mother left me, I was starved. My mother had always found food somewhere and brought into our cave for me. The only times she let me out was when she wanted me to stroll with her along the lakeside. I had no food finding skill whatsoever. There was one time I found a tiny dead fish near the lake. It smelled familiar so I tried, and it kept my stomach still for about three grummms – three-eighth of a day!

Humans always tell one another, “Lady Luck favors ones who try”. I didn’t even try once, but I guess Destiny just does anything to make me the king of all cats. One day, when looking for another dead fish, I was lost and found myself inside a strange garden. I was too hungry at the moment to try finding a way out, so I just lay down and slept.

But I was awaken by a very strong smell of fish. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A bowl full of tiny fish and something incredibly white and fluffy was right in front of me. I shoved my mouth into the bowl without even thinking.

Barely had I finished the food when I saw a creature so big – something that I now know as “human”. I was not terrified at all, but I still reminded myself to be vigilant. However, that creature just watched me, and then walked away.

The hunger was over, and I was able to find a small hole that allowed me to squeeze through and get out. But I couldn’t help but coming back into that garden the next day, and many days after that. Each time, the creature brought me a bowl full of food similar to what my mother had always fed me.