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Genevieve Adams on acting career

“Be creative, and make your own work.  Don’t wait around for other people to give you permission, because they’ll tell you it’s impossible when it’s NOT impossible.  You just have to be persistent and follow through.  And if you’re someone who gets things done and likes to finish things then it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.  It’s all about the process and creating instead of sitting around waiting for things to perfect, or waiting for the screenplay to finally be ready.  You just have to jump on the grenade and just go for it!  Also, the second piece of advice I can give is value your relationships and value the people believe in you and also people in the business….try to be around the people whose work you admire…get close to those people and be near those who are doing what you want to be doing.  Somehow, if it’s meant to be, it’ll work out.  You have to maintain your relationships with people, because this business is entirely BUILT on relationships and friendships…people WANT to want to work with people and those they know are reliable, professional, and good people.  So it’s very powerful to BE professional and classy…that goes a long way.”

“With the really good actors, they’re usually smart, and smart people are usually smart enough to be kind to those coming up, and both of them I was so lucky and felt honored to be in their presence.  And it’s cool to watch them work also, how they do what they do, see how relaxed they are in front of a camera, how they can just be themselves and be natural and authentic. Even in extreme circumstances, you know, freezing in the diner we were shooting at or we’re shooting in the middle of the night and how film actors are up against the elements, you know?  And with the example of Kristen [Wiig] and Liam [Neeson] (in view of a side comment I made about huge actors and having the impression it’s all ego out there, but then hearing it’s NOT that way) they’re both incredibly successful, and I think to BE that you have to be smart and I think people that have long and interesting careers ARE, and smart enough to be generous.  In this business, things can change really fast and you want everyone to speak well of you, like in any business.”